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At the core of a successful Digital Media Plan is always a careful definition of objectives, a thorough market analysis, a proper communication strategy, and an effective choice of channels to reach the right target audience at the right time.

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Advantages and opportunities of the Digital Media Plan.

Added value comes from planning.

In an era where the Messy Middle reigns supreme and the user’s Customer Journey is increasingly dynamic and complex, defining objectives and planning activities plays a fundamental role.

We start from where we need to get to, in order to define how to begin: objectives and target audience guide the entire digital planning process.

Our knowledge of various digital platforms allows us to choose which ones and how they can best meet the client’s individual objectives. Thus, after setting objectives and identifying the target audience, we define the channels and specific tactical activities, the KPIs to monitor, and the budgets to allocate.

We believe in the Media Mix and the ability to choose a mixed model of channels that allows us to have a broad digital presence, covering multiple phases and moments, orchestrating messages effectively at multiple levels and with careful modulation of investments. Nothing is linear; everything is modular.

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The importance of selecting Digital Channels.

Digital opportunities and customized solution

In the field of Digital Media, there are numerous opportunities to be leveraged, and automation makes them increasingly accessible to everyone.

So, what really makes the difference?

The key is the customization of the Digital Media Plan, which must be tailored entirely to the client’s objectives, market opportunities, available resources, and the ability to amplify the message cross-channel.

We work with the major digital platforms, which we include in our Media Plans:

  • Google Ads
  • Microsoft Ads
  • Meta Ads
  • TikTok for Business
  • Spotify CTV (Netflix, Sky Ads, Mediaset Ads, others)
  • Premium Display
  • Programmatic

We are always ready to seize new opportunities, so in discussions with the client, we evaluate the possibility of exploring different media channels – even less digital ones – that could still be useful in achieving the ultimate goal.


The phases for a successful Media Plan.

Our Modus Operandi involves a process consisting of specific phases, essential for effective Media Plan planning:

Definition of Marketing Objectives and Targets

Starting point for defining the result to be achieved and the target audience

Digital Media Strategy

Choice of channels and related campaigns, definition of targeting construction, identification of campaign materials and CTAs and budget allocation.

Evaluation and Reporting

In-depth analysis of results and preparation of summary reports with the aim of guiding future planning decisions.

Monitoring and optimization

Implementation of any improvements based on the data collected during the various periodic checks while maintaining focus on the main KPIs.

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