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We select Digital Lovers

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Our selection process is divided into three steps.


The first cognitive interview is managed by our CPO (Chief of People Officer), and is aimed at ensuring that the founding values of the agency are shared by the candidate.


In the second technical interview, the candidate will also meet the department manager, getting to the heart of the required skills.


Finally, we will send a case study to analyze, which will become the focus of the last interview, during which the candidate will also have the opportunity to meet the agency CEO.

We are looking for people with a deep passion for digital, characterized by a sense of responsibility and proactivity.

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Constructive feedback
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A bridge to professional growth.

Transparency and open communication are fundamental pillars of our selection process. We believe that every candidate deserves to know, regardless of the outcome of the interview, what their strengths and areas for improvement are.

  • Strengths: We recognize and appreciate the skills and qualities that each candidate brings with them.
  • Areas for improvement: We provide suggestions and advice on how a candidate can develop their skills or refine certain abilities.
  • Open dialogue: We don’t want our feedback to be monologues. We encourage candidates to ask questions, seek clarification, and share their own reflections, enriching the experience for both parties.

Constructive feedback is not an act of kindness but a commitment to professional growth. Each of these is a step towards realizing an individual’s potential, and we are proud to be part of that journey.


A journey of mutual discovery and shared growth.

The entry of a new member into a team is a delicate moment, both for the newcomer and for the agency. To facilitate the integration of a new professional into our workflow, we have developed a precise and structured onboarding process.

  • Initial orientation: Starting from the company culture and extending to operational procedures, we ensure that each new member becomes familiar with their role and work environment.
  • Mentoring: Each new team member is paired with an experienced colleague as a guide and point of reference during the first few weeks, facilitating their integration.
  • Continuous feedback: During the onboarding period, there are regular feedback sessions characterized by open and constructive communication, aimed at addressing any challenges or concerns promptly.

We don’t just want to make you feel welcome; we want you to be an integral and valuable part of our team from day one.

Continuous education
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We invest in the future.

Learning doesn’t stop once you join our team. Professional growth is an ongoing journey, and continuous learning is an essential part of an ever-evolving field like digital marketing.

Each team member has access to a wide range of training resources:

  • Dedicated platforms: We provide access to continuously updated training platforms, allowing our team members to stay informed about the latest trends and technologies.
  • Mentoring and tutoring: Every new member of our team is paired with an experienced mentor to guide and support them in their growth journey.
  • Industry events: We consider the possibility of participating in conferences, seminars, and workshops, allowing the team to interact with industry experts and expand their network.

Investing in continuous education means investing in the agency’s future and the success of our people.

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