We help you automate manual processes through the use of specific software

Gain greater control and efficiency in performing repetitive marketing tasks.

Marketing Automation allows you to simplify the management of digital marketing activities by using software that automates processes and repetitive tasks. It can be used to streamline various processes in digital marketing and offers significant advantages:

– Allows you to spend your time on more strategic activities;
– Provides the opportunity to monitor user behavior;
– Marketing automation software provides some reporting and analysis capabilities.

At HT&T Consulting, we will support you in using these tools to help you nurture relationships with your leads and customers, improving the quality of your lead generation and lead nurturing processes.

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E-mail Marketing Automation.

Send immediate and relevant messages to the user

In an increasingly omnichannel-oriented landscape where personalized communication is becoming more relevant, adopting Marketing Automation systems becomes essential. For this reason, we offer you the possibility of being supported in the implementation of automated email workflows, through which you can reach users throughout the entire customer journey. This way, you can send timely, immediate, and relevant messages to the recipient, encouraging them to make conversions.

Examples of the most common workflows we activate:

  • Welcome email after subscribing to the newsletter
  • Birthday email
  • Abandoned cart email
  • Win-back email

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Other areas of application of Marketing Automation

The automation of manual processes

With Marketing Automation, you can manage workflows that allow you to transform manual processes into automated ones, such as:

  • Improving e-commerce sales, for example, by sending automated emails to customers who have not completed a purchase;
  • Automating the management and scheduling of social media activities;
  • Automatically entering data into a database and integrating with CRM to have information about leads and customers and their behavior along the customer journey.

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