Boost your digital presence with a Social Media Marketing strategy.

We help you build valuable relationships with your audience.

An effective presence on Social Media is a valuable tool for expanding your audience, getting in touch with new prospects and consolidating the relationship with your customers.
Thanks to the synergistic work of our creative department with the analytical one, we develop Social Full Funnel strategies and are able to create engaging and relevant content for your target audience.
We assist you in identifying business objectives and monitor the entire growth process of your business on Social Media through in-depth reports, carried out with the best analysis tools on the market.

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The platforms

Communicate consistently on your social channels

Digital communication is increasingly branched and it is important to choose which channels are most strategic for your brand.
It is essential to be present on different social channels to intercept diversified targets but it is equally important to maintain a cohesive brand image, while knowing how to adapt to the different stylistic features of each social platform.
With our experience, we can support you with a detailed benchmark of your competitors aimed at identifying your authority in the reference market. We identify the Target Personas and which channels they cover, in order to define and adapt your Tone of Voice to the different platforms. We create an Editorial Plan of value for your community, with the aim of obtaining significant conversions with the help of a structured, effective and omnichannel Media Plan.

Our specialists manage what are today the most widespread Social Media platforms:

  • Instagram
  • Threads
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Tik Tok
  • YouTube

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Our method at your service

A qualitative social presence involves multiple activities involving various professionals in the Digital Marketing sector.
For each of these activities we have provided an ad hoc service, with well-defined tasks and purposes.
Thanks to our expertise we are able to take care of all aspects of a Social project, but also to activate only some packages, depending on your needs.

The Social Media Marketing services we offer are:

Account Optimization

Social Media Strategy

Editorial Plan and Content

Community Management

Social Advertising

Analysis and Reporting

Social Media Strategy

Monitoring dei competitors, intercettazione dei trend e interventi di ottimizzazione

La strategia Social perfetta passa attraverso il riconoscimento degli obiettivi di marketing, il monitoraggio dell’attività dei competitors, la creazione di contenuti di valore in linea con il proprio target e l’implementazione dei trend di piattaforma all’interno della propria programmazione
La strategia non è qualcosa di statico ma in continuo divenire e infatti per noi l’attività strategica non si ferma mai.

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Editorial Plan

Content is the king

In a panorama in which the content offering is increasingly broad, it is necessary to know how to stand out through a valuable editorial plan.
Thanks to the synergistic work of the various Units, our Specialists will be able to provide you with precise indications regarding the realization of the shootings (sizes, formats, moodboards,…), they will take care of the selection of the creatives and their adaptation to the different channels, they will create editorial plans rich in useful and engaging content for users will take charge of the programming of content on the various platforms.

Community Management

Sentiment monitoring and systemic management of online conversations

Taking care of your community is not only useful for retaining customers, but also allows you to collect valuable feedback, obtain market insights and identify opportunities for improvement.
To best manage this delicate aspect, we prepare shared Community Management plans, so as to never find ourselves unprepared when faced with a question or criticism from users. We prepare Crisis Management plans to deal with unexpected events that could damage your brand’s image.
We promptly intervene in fanbase conversations in order to build an interactive and positive environment within which to enhance the reputation of your company.

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Analysis and Reporting

Monitoring and qualitative commentary on insights

The Report is not only the moment in which it is decided whether the objectives have been achieved, but also and above all the moment in which the actions to be taken to improve one’s strategy are learned.
We offer constant monitoring of accounts and monthly reports full of objective data, evidence and qualitative comments, capable of translating numbers into user behavior.
The discussion of the Report takes place in meetings during which you will be able to meet with our specialists.

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