We design user experiences for your digital product, placing user needs at the center of the design process, to make it functional, usable, and memorable.

User-centered design is crucial for the success of a digital product. In our working framework, we adopt all the tools necessary for listening to understand the expectations, needs, and desires of your users and derive insights validated by qualitative and quantitative research.

Our design team can assist you in understanding, defining, and ideating the most suitable solutions for you to create a product that:

Is usable and accessible
Meets user needs
Aligns with business objectives
Is sustainable in terms of development
Is capable of evolving over time

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La progettazione user-centered è determinante per il successo di un prodotto digitale.


Asking the right questions before formulating answers based on hypotheses.

We assist you in understanding your objectives, facilitating the decision-making process so that design choices are sustainable, with a defined purpose and in line with your business goals.

We seek to understand your users and their behavior by analyzing the available data. If necessary, we rely on trusted consultants and partners specializing in User Research for field interviews or specific ethnographic research to obtain concrete design insights.

We compare competition and industry standards to gain in-depth knowledge of competitors, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and relevant features.

What we can do:

  • Data analysis and dashboards
  • Surveys and questionnaires
  • UX Benchmarking against competitors
  • Interviews with stakeholders and users

Immagine di un ragazzo al computer
immagine di un ragazzo che lavora in ufficio al computer

Devise solutions

We design together the content architecture and create prototypes of solutions to be tested.

We visually represent the hierarchical structure and navigation, analyze how the contents come together, define how they will be organized in sections, and how users can easily find them.

We create wireframes, focusing on the distribution of elements and spaces, the hierarchy of contents, and the available functions, making content design more effective as well.

We design interactive prototypes for mobile and desktop flows and primary tasks. We define the style of interactive elements that characterize the interface, ensuring visual consistency and alignment with your brand identity.

What we can do:

  • Co-design of information architecture
  • Low-fidelity wireframes and prototypes
  • Interactive mockups
  • Usability tests to validate interfaces with real users


We design your Personas and journeys based on the gathered information.

We analyze how the personas interact with your touchpoints and your digital ecosystem to ensure an optimal brand experience.

This will allow us to empathize, contextualize, and understand possible behaviors and opportunities, helping us make informed design choices.

What we can do:

  • Data-driven design of Personas
  • Journey design
  • Task and key action analysis
  • Usability expert review
    Identification of pain points

immagine di due colleghe che conversano durante una pausa in ufficio
immagine di due ragazzi in ufficio


The digital interface of your product is the environment where users or potential customers interact with your brand.

immagine decorativa

Among the various components that make up the user experience, the most important one is the User Interface (UI) because it is essential for the user to feel comfortable and understand the various functions of the interface without ambiguity.

Does your brand already have an identity?

We will work in continuity with your brand identity, expanding the visual language and ensuring consistency with your brand experience.

Does your brand not have a defined digital identity?

We design the style, the look & feel, the visuals and the organization of the visual elements.
Typography, images, symbols and colors must convey the correct message to users, facilitate content scanning and ensure visual consistency between the various page layouts.
We produce guidelines on visual design, UI Kit and Design System to guarantee the possibility of integrating new features and new elements even in the long term.
We can support you in creating visual assets linked to special initiatives, promotions, newsletters, landing, digital advertising and social editorial plans.

immagine di una ragazza che digita sulla tastiera di un portatile
UX copywriting and microcopy

UX copywriting and microcopy: why words are important.

At HT&T Consulting, ux writing participates in the design process from the beginning. We believe that words, microcopies and calls to action are key elements of the interface and fundamental for understanding the interactions that your user must carry out.

Microcopies help us simplify, clarify and accompany the user during navigation. Thanks to ux writing we can give voice to your brand, convey your values and help strengthen the bond between your product and those who use it.

Progettare accessibile

Accessible design: a benefit for everyone.

We are aware that designing and developing accessible products from the first prototypes is a priority that brings tangible benefits for all people and therefore a valuable opportunity for your business.

Accessibility, in addition to guaranteeing an equivalent user experience for everyone, brings great advantages in terms of usability (a product thought to be accessible is “by nature” usable), improves indexing and allows page performance to be optimised.


We’re not looking for the magic prompt, we look for the right interaction.

AI is playing a major role in UX Design.

The opportunity opens up for designers to co-create with AI, integrating a new collaborative intelligence into their processes, a new sparring partner to interact with.

At HT&T Consulting we are experimenting, evaluating opportunities and risks, testing linguistic models and making our AI know-how available to you during the traditional research phase. We test AI, for example, in the benchmarking or competitor analysis phase, in the design of proto-personas or in the drafting of sketches for user journeys, always taking into account limits and possible biases.

Why should you invest in UX?

Because creating positive and intuitive user experiences allows you to:

  • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty thanks to a memorable user experience.
  • Reduce customer care and assistance costs thanks to a “frictionless” user experience capable of preventing errors and uncertainties.
  • Reduce development costs by bringing previously tested solutions into production.
  • Minimize the possibility of creating inadequate solutions through direct investigation with users, thus revealing people’s true needs.
  • Obtain SEO benefits because by offering a positive experience we lead to greater user engagement and a higher position in search engine results pages.
  • Increase visitor conversions

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