We help you make informed decisions through the collection and analysis of reliable and valuable data.

Collecting data, making them consistent so that they can become insights.

With over 20 years of experience in the digital industry, always keeping a close eye on the numbers, we stand out as a reference point in the field of data-driven consulting. In a constantly evolving world where opinions are no longer enough, we rely on data to make informed decisions.

Certifications, such as the Google Marketing Platform, testify to our commitment to excellence and our expertise in the industry. In a context of regulatory changes like GDPR and the epochal transition to the cookieless era, we continue to ensure the collection, analysis, and transformation of reliable data into business evidence and opportunities. Our mission is to guide you through this complexity, allowing you to benefit from a data-driven world.

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Data-driven strategies.

Transforming data into decisions: it’s not magic, it’s analysis!

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, data-driven strategies are our guiding light. We understand that data is the engine behind smart decision-making. Our strategies adapt to ensure that data analysis remains reliable and relevant, especially in the face of seamless and ever-evolving user experiences.

We use tools and procedures to shape effective strategies that enable the extraction of relevant and consistent insights over time, so you can make informed decisions that drive success in the digital future.

In summary, we can accompany you from data collection and management to transforming them into concrete, measurable actions that are truly beneficial to the success of your digital business.

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Data-Intelligence for innovative businesses.

Using data as a driver of change and innovation.

Data intelligence is the process of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting relevant information to gain valuable insights for decision-making and strategy development. It goes beyond simple data aggregation, focusing on transforming data into valuable resources for organizations.

Sophisticated tools, analysis techniques, and advanced algorithms are at the core of data intelligence, allowing the discovery of patterns, trends, and relationships within the data.

This facilitates the identification of new business opportunities, understanding customer dynamics, optimizing operations, and solving complex problems. In today’s business landscape, driven by data, data intelligence is a fundamental pillar for success and innovation.


Application solutions

We respond to market and customer needs by offering suitable solutions over time.

Carefully configuring analytics and monitoring tools is the first step in gaining valuable insights from data.

We work daily on:

  • AI
  • Installation and optimization of Google Analytics (GA4) and other web analytics tools, configuring essential variables such as e-commerce, custom events, and dimensions.
  • Configuration of tag management systems (like Google Tag Manager) for flexible and effective management of all tracking tags and pixels on a website, including Server-Side mode.
  • Integration of data from various sources (CRM, analytics, social media, etc.) to obtain a comprehensive view of the customer journey.
  • Definition of metrics and KPIs aligned with business objectives, such as increased sales, engagement, lead generation, brand awareness.
  • Continuous monitoring of KPIs and the generation of reports with operational insights to address business dynamics promptly.

This way, even companies without internal resources for data analysis can fully leverage the strategic and operational value of the collected information. This enables continuous optimization of marketing, sales, and customer experience.

Measurement plans

A Digital Measurement Plan is an organized and detailed strategy that defines how data related to a company’s digital activities will be collected, measured, and analyzed.

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We create comprehensive and customized Digital Measurement Plans, which include:

  • Analysis of the company’s requirements and business objectives for data collection.
  • Definition of the most relevant metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure success.
  • Selection of the most suitable analysis tools and their configuration.
  • Implementation of best practices for data tracking and analysis.
  • Creation of customized reports that provide clear and actionable insights.

Our Measurement Plans ensure that digital activities are accurately measured and that data is strategically interpreted, providing a solid foundation for business decisions. We are here to guide you through adopting a data-driven approach to continually optimize your online presence and achieve meaningful business goals.


Data enrichment in the context of web analytics refers to the process of enhancing the data collected by an analytics tool by adding additional information from external sources.

This enrichment can occur by integrating third-party data, such as demographic, geographic, behavioral data, or other specific user information (first-party data).


Here are some examples of how data enrichment can be used in web analytics:

Demographic Data

Adding information about users’ gender, age, geographic location, and other demographic details, allowing for more precise audience segmentation.

Interests and Behaviors

Enriching data with information about users’ interests and behaviors, such as product categories or content they have shown interest in.

Socioeconomic data

Integrate data related to income, education level, and other socioeconomic variables to better understand the user base and their preferences.

Purchase and Conversion Data

Adding information about user transactions and conversions, creating a more complete view of the purchase process and conversion activities or elements that influenced a particular decision.

Multi-Device Navigation Data

Enriching data with information about users’ browsing activity across multiple websites or platforms, if relevant, to gain a more complete understanding of their online behavior.

The enrichment of data can be carried out through the use of services and external platforms that provide third-party data. However, it is important to ensure that the use of this data complies with privacy laws and regulations in order to protect users’ privacy and adhere to regulations such as GDPR.

In summary, data enrichment in web analytics allows for a more detailed overview of users and their interactions, facilitating in-depth analysis and the development of more targeted strategies to increase the foundation for making informed decisions.

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