We simplify the management of your e-commerce workflows in order to make it as autonomous as possible.

New integrations and optimizations of existing flows.

We specialize in creating new data exchange infrastructures and optimizing existing flows to simplify e-commerce management.

By developing custom tools or relying on existing connectors we can integrate Marketplace, Logistics Services, PIM, CRM and DAM, simplifying and reducing manual procedures so as to reduce workloads and errors.

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The importance of integrations.

Connections Between Different Systems and Infrastructures

Over the years, the digital business world has been enriched with many different services and platforms that are useful for managing products and services in pre and post-sales.

Enabling platforms or infrastructures, both online and offline, to communicate with each other can provide companies with many advantages in terms of organization and optimization of processes and workflows.

At a strategic and marketing level, a heterogeneous data exchange ecosystem allows, with the right analysis, to precisely understand the critical points of the moment and to act promptly to resolve them, as well as to provide important indicators for future decision-making.

  • Improved efficiency and productivity
  • Greater scalability
  • Better personalization
  • Enhanced security
  • Global analysis

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E-commerce integrations

Product, order and marketing automation management

No matter what your CMS is, whether it’s Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, Prestashop, we can simplify the management of your products by integrating them with existing PIM or DAM systems in your company or by creating custom procedures for:

  • Automatic and bulk product import
  • Constant update of stock quantities available in online/offline channels
  • Enabling/disabling products that are no longer in existence or available

We can create custom procedures for order management and invoicing or directly integrate your CRM to:

  • Automate order processes
  • Manage customer data and invoicing
  • Automate logistics and tracking with major shipping services

These workflows can be integrated with various marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay or other third-party platforms.

We can also integrate Email Marketing, PPC, Affiliate Marketing platforms, etc., through existing plugins or custom-built procedures to create optimized product feeds and Marketing Automation processes that reduce costs and increase the profitability of your online business.


From analysis to solutions

In the presence of existing and functioning infrastructures, our approach includes:

  • Initial analysis of the current system to understand its functioning.
  • Thorough study of automated procedures with potential optimization suggestions and/or corrections to improve system performance.
  • Modification and integration of new procedures in response to the analysis findings.
  • Consultation and guidance on possible alternatives that we have tested to improve or simplify the infrastructure.

In case there is no existing infrastructure, our approach involves:

  • Initial analysis of the platforms used in the company if any.
  • Analysis of the objectives for which automated processes or platform integrations are requested.
  • After the analysis, we can identify the actual utility and benefit of integration or any critical issues compared to the initial requirements.
  • Finally, we can propose complete solutions or GAANT depending on the effort/benefit of such integration and automation processes compared to the current state of the project and the objectives to be achieved.

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