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Excellence of open air holidays

The Brand

Human Company, an Italian company and a leader in the open-air tourism sector, has been a presence in outdoor hospitality for over 40 years. It stands out for innovation, quality, sustainability, family-friendliness, and its connection to the local territory.

With its brand ‘hu openair,’ it tells the uniqueness of the stay experience that makes you feel at home, whether in nature or in the city, with friends or family, in any of its 10 properties, including villages and city campsites.

smartphone con website di hu openair
smartphone con website hu openair
schermate website hu openair

The evolution of digital presence

A new open air experience

Since 2019, we have been strategic partners, consultants, and digital advisors for the group’s hospitality brands, which have evolved over the years through rebranding and positioning activities. Over these years of strong partnership, we have built a growing digital presence, allowing us to plan a high-impact online and offline presence at key moments.

In 2022, the hu openair brand was born, and as consultants and strategic partners, we have supported and accompanied Human Company during this phase of change and growth with our team of Design, Web Marketing & Web Analytics.

We are also responsible for operational media investments: from drafting the media plan to direct management of advertising campaigns on major advertising platforms (Google Ads, Bing, Meta, TikTok, etc.), to monitoring and optimization.

A new brand identity

We work alongside the internal team in identifying the appropriate design tools for different goals, facilitate co-design sessions, and oversee project quality by identifying and tracking possible UX optimizations.

We designed the redesign of the corporate website, created wireframes to test and validate the choices, and supported hu openair in building a UI Kit library of foundational interface elements to ensure visual consistency and alignment with the new brand identity.


Growth of digital presence

The results of Human Company show exponential growth from 2019 to the present, thanks to the company’s increasing investments and a digital strategy to strengthen the brand and optimize online booking performance.

Thanks to our strategic support, Human Company has significantly enhanced its digital presence on an international scale. In just a few years, they have transitioned from a fragmented presence to widespread coverage in all major European markets, through the expansion of cross-channel strategies.

This has led to a significant increase in direct online bookings, with a significant impact on revenue and strategic business decisions.

Through flexible and responsive digital campaigns, the brand successfully navigated a challenging period like the Covid pandemic, further solidifying its industry leadership and growing both the domestic and European markets.

The excellent results achieved demonstrate the effectiveness of a strategic approach focused on digital growth even in challenging contexts.

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