A new digital identity for Foxy.


  • March 2020 - in progress


  • Consumer goods

Foxy: Market leader in the tissue paper industry.

The Brand

Foxy is a brand that needs no introduction. For over 40 years, it has become a part of the Italian imagination as a reference point in the field of personal and household hygiene.
The brand’s great success has also taken it beyond national borders, and since the 1990s, Foxy has established itself in foreign markets.

What sets Foxy apart from other competitors is not only its high-quality product offering but also its social commitment to sustainability and charity, collaborating with organizations such as UNICEF, 3Bee, and Dynamo Camp.

With a strong presence on TV and in print campaigns, Foxy is a recognized and appreciated brand. Their dedication to offering high-quality products and supporting social initiatives makes them a standout company in the hygiene market.


Internationalization of the project.

For a company as recognized as Foxy, presenting itself clearly, effectively, and internationally to its audience is an essential condition. Therefore, the first objective was to completely rethink the organization of the website’s content through a UX analysis, also proposing a new digital brand identity.

We started with a deep analysis of content design aimed at enhancing the content on the website to provide a rewarding and comprehensive browsing experience for the user. This structure was then applied to a multilingual website capable of meeting the needs of an international audience.

Regarding advertising, the main objective was to increase brand awareness and traffic to the new website, highlighting Foxy’s social commitment and sustainability efforts. A second advertising objective was related to the online sale of Foxy products through marketplace platforms.


Foxy’s commitment to the center of digital activities.

First, we carried out a complete redesign of the corporate website through a co-design process that involved key stakeholders at all crucial stages of the design process, from analyzing user journeys to card sorting for the redesign of content architecture.

We redefined Foxy’s visual design, user interface, and digital presence in the Italian and international landscape, creating a versatile, recognizable, and innovative website.

Through the new corporate website, we help Foxy effectively convey all the brand’s valuable content, including product quality, transparency, social commitment, environmental conservation initiatives, as well as editorial and educational content.

We designed and launched Foxy’s Amazon Store to enable online product sales and supported sales goals through a robust system of Amazon Ads campaigns.

We also managed placements on platforms like Google and Meta with Awareness and Traffic-focused campaigns aimed at increasing brand recognition and awareness.

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