The Hurry! car rental becomes digital.


  • 2020 - in progress


  • Automotive

Travel as many roads as you want, with long-term rental.

The Brand

Hurry! is an Italian company, based in Rome, leader in the long-term car rental sector. It offers individuals and companies the opportunity to drive new cars without having to buy them.


Applying digital to the automotive world.

Rent a car with just one click

The main objective between HT&T Consulting and Hurry! was to bring the company to be one of the cornerstones of the car rental sector. The user had to be able to find Hurry easily and in just a few steps be able to rent his dream car in just a few simple clicks.

We have therefore established an action plan to increase the authority of the Hurry brand and give the right visibility to a service, which is increasingly growing but highly competitive, such as long-term rental.

We then structured an advertising campaign plan, on various platforms, to increase the amount of contacts interested in the service and reduce the time between the rental idea and the closing of the contract.

Finally, we have enclosed all the various data collected, very useful for detailed analyzes on results and users, in navigable and dynamic dashboards so as to always have the project KPIs under control.

Advertising Strategies

The right campaigns for the right people.

The fundamental point of the relationship is to create specific advertising campaigns for people truly interested in this type of service.

It is not easy to find someone willing to rent a car for several months. For this reason, it was essential to target the advertising campaigns in the best possible way, so as to find the right user, at the right time.

Will you be away from home for several months?
Do you want to test a car before buying it?
Have you had a problem with your car and need a replacement car ready for delivery?
Hurry will take care of it!


Tangible success.

In these years of collaboration we have accompanied Hurry! on a path of digital growth, sharing know-how and experience to develop a solid digital culture within the company.

This has led to tangible results thanks to strategic choices aimed at using a large part of the resources in digital properties.

Thanks to the implementation of the adopted strategy, in the last year alone, there has been an increase in:

  • Traffic
  • Engagement rate
  • Conversion rates
  • Quotes
  • Contracts completed

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We see.

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