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We transform ideas and visual prototypes into high-performance and scalable code, giving life to digital projects

The synergy between the design concept and the digital reality.

We create and adopt customized technical solutions that fit the specific needs of your web project, taking into account the increasing technological demands and developments in the digital world.

Our goal is to optimize performance, timelines, and costs, both through custom web application development of various types and by implementing widely used interfaces and frameworks in the market, of which we are expert customizers.

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Sviluppo Frontend

Attention to detail

The frontend represents the habitat of every digital project and plays a fundamental role in the success of any type of web application. At HT&T Consulting, we pay special attention to detail, aware that the digital interface of your product is the environment in which users or potential customers interact with your brand.

Front-end development works in synergy with visual and interface design to facilitate user navigation and ensure visual and functional consistency in the browsing experience.

We always keep in mind that each element must be carefully tested and developed to be responsive on every device, respecting correct code semantics to optimize SEO to the fullest.

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Sviluppo Backend

Keywords: solidity and effectiveness

Often, the importance of the Backend area is underestimated, but its correct design and implementation with optimized code can lead to significant advantages in the daily management of any type of web application.

Not only does it reduce the workload, but it also improves the performance and overall experience of the digital ecosystem, including the frontend. Backend is an extremely broad topic that is closely connected to other services offered by HT&T Consulting.

For example, the “Information Infrastructure and Systems” service is foundational and provides a solid premise for a scalable backend. Additionally, our “Integrations” service makes the backend area even more efficient and comprehensive. Our team of experts is dedicated to developing performance-optimized backend solutions that meet all expectations.

We are ready to support our clients in creating a solid, scalable, and highly performant backend to ensure the success of their digital projects.

Framework and cms

Customization and management

To develop each project and optimize development times and budgets, we leverage the use of frameworks such as React and Angular for the frontend, and Node.js and Django for the backend, or PHP frameworks like Laravel, along with the most widely used CMS on the market.

Whether it’s developing an e-commerce platform or creating an institutional website, we ensure that each implementation is tailor-made, guaranteeing quality and efficient customizations according to the specific needs of each project, aiming for success in the digital realm.

Our expertise extends to a wide range of CMS, including:

Magento/Open Mage
Magento 2

Technical support

High aptitude for problem solving

Il team di sviluppo HT&T Consulting è molto elastico ed ha alta attitudine al problem solving: forniamo assistenza e consulenza tecnica sui progetti direttamente gestiti da HT&T Consulting ma anche su progetti non sviluppati o gestiti internamente.

Il nostro team ha la conoscenza e l’esperienza per intervenire o analizzare criticità su applicativi web sviluppati con i principali linguaggi di programmazione, con la possibilità di fornire una strategia di soluzione da seguire oppure con interventi diretti mirati alla risoluzione del problema.

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