Online shop of the well-known Italian brand of footwear, accessories and clothing, CafèNoir is on the market since 1992.

The determination to stay on the web with an institutional website to present the catalog has left room for a desire to lead the game. For this reason CafèNoir is no longer just a website, but a well established online shop.

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The challenge

The intention is to deliver a service reacting to a need with great strength and new ideas.
CafèNoir is not just a shop, it is a fashion experience consistently fed by the user’s satisfaction. The mission is to open new markets still unexplored with the retail channel.

Brand strategy

Renewing without revolutionizing. Being recognizable, but with consistency. Reply to our customers, old and new with full service level on all touchpoints. All around the world.

Product experience

We know that fashion is emotion, feeling, sensation. Selling online does not mean replacing those elements, but transforming them into added value. Detailed product pages, complete information, tailored assistance and a rich catalog are just some of the ingredients of CafèNoir business purpose.

Cafè Noir ecommerce
Cafe Noir Ecommerce

The approach of HT&T

Being a partner means supporting, backing up and pushing towards the change. Thanks to the technical knowledge, the agency has created and implemented the tools in the Client’s hand. And with strategic and communicative knowledge choosed which path for a day by day sustainable growth.

Cafe Noir ecommerce