The Birth and Evolution of Gaxa in the Digital Sphere: The First Methane Gas Supplier in Sardinia


  • 2020 - Present


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Gaxa, a new feature in the Sardinian territory

The Brand

Gaxa is now a company of the Edison group, established in Sardinia as a network gas supplier and the region’s first methane provider. Today, it serves more than 50,000 customers with gas and electricity.

From the outset, the company faced the unique challenges of a territory, like Sardinia, which is still relatively immature due to the recent adoption of network gas and the ongoing methanization process in the region.

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Our Role: The Common Thread Between Users and the Company

From day one, we have supported Gaxa on a challenging journey across the territory, where, through digital means, we have built a path of presence and growth in Sardinia.

Over the years, the company has evolved, growing and expanding its offerings both in terms of territorial coverage (from a few municipalities in 2020 to over 100 municipalities covered) and utilities with the introduction of the electricity offer in December 2022.

In our role as digital consultants, we have supported Gaxa’s growth with actions tailored to the company’s needs. These ranged from pure brand promotion activities to targeted research efforts and monitoring the search volumes of a still latent need (methane or network gas) in the territory.

With the project’s maturity and the advent of the electricity offer, we implemented a “pure” lead generation strategy, always keeping a close eye on the unique characteristics of a regional audience and a territory that is not always easily accessible.

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The Results Achieved

A long road still lies ahead for a company that remains the sole provider of network methane gas and continues to see a growing number of customers in a territory where historical habits and practices are still deeply rooted among the people.

Despite this, the project grows with positive lead numbers month after month, where quality plays a crucial role thanks to measured efforts and constant interaction with the client. The broad visibility of the project allows us to stay aligned and ready to identify new solutions.

In addition to careful monitoring of activities, with defined campaign and business KPIs, we support the growth journey as a digital partner agency with personalized consultations on new areas, specific activities, and targeted support including design (creation of landing pages), analytics (tracking & GTM), and strategy.

After several years of collaboration, we can affirm that the attention to detail and care that Gaxa has devoted to its audience and the territory is rewarded with increasingly satisfying results.

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