Groupama Assicurazioni and the New Phygital Model


  • 2023 - Present


  • Insurance

Groupama Assicurazioni: An International Group in the Italian Digital Landscape

The Brand

Groupama Assicurazioni is the first foreign branch of Groupama, with over 100 agents across Italy and more than 13 million customers worldwide.

The company’s significant strength, also due to its extensive network of agencies in Italy, has led it to adopt a digital strategy that combines the physical with the online: phygital. This strategy aims to strengthen territorial presence by leveraging digital potential for lead generation.

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The landscape is rich with offerings and competitors that propose similar solutions to users, but with unique differences that often create confusion and high expectations.

Groupama’s strategic choice has been to rely on the know-how of its agents, who understand the reference territory of their users as well as their expressed or still latent needs, for the work of converting opportunities into contracts. However, these opportunities are entirely developed digitally, with tactical choices aimed at the territory and the offer, according to company definitions and market demand.

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Where We Have Arrived?

Although our journey with Groupama is continually evolving and progressing, the potential of a project backed by a prominent name, which conceals deep opportunities and an extremely mature understanding of the market, became evident from the start.

To fully harness the potential of digital, our web analytics and data visualization department has refined activities aimed at creating insights by optimizing tracking, integrating digital platforms with CRM tools, and providing data visualizations in customized dashboards that combine various data sources essential for a holistic understanding of the project.

With these foundations, it will be both interesting and challenging to see how far Groupama Assicurazioni and Ht&t can go together.

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