Digital Business

We draw the margins of your business to understand how to widen them.

What is the Digital Business Strategy?

The digital strategy is the keystone upon which all activities proposed by HT&T Consulting depend. It is an action plan aimed at leveraging various digital channels synergistically.

Thanks to the cross-functional and synergistic collaboration among our professional team, we can outline a strategic guide that covers all customer touchpoints.

Through a proven methodology, we identify the most effective tactics on the web, social media, mobile, and other channels to maximize business results.

Our process always starts with listening: a thorough analysis of the initial situation and business goals is essential to set up a tailor-made strategy. Only by fully understanding the client’s needs can we suggest the right guidelines to steer the brand toward digital success.
Thanks to our rigorous approach, we generate measurable and concrete results.

The steps of Digital Business Strategy.

  • Analysis and listening to customer business: We understand goals, industry, strengths and weakness points through continuous alignments.
  • Analysis of the market context: We map competitors, industry trends and target customer behaviors.
  • Definition of strategic goals: We set quantitative and qualitative KPIs to be achieved in the short to medium term.
  • Touchpoint planning: We identify channels, contents and moments of engagement most suitable for the target.
  • Roadmap and scheduling: We establish actions, roles and strategy timelines.
  • Choice of tactical actions: We plan digital campaigns, social media, SEO.
  • Results analysis and adjustments:
    We monitor performance and optimize tactics.
  • Periodic reporting: We share data and results to demonstrate ROI and align expectations.

Strategic consulting

We’ll tell you things you don’t want to hear and others you’ve never heard before.

Ecommerce managment

We draw the margins of your business to understand how to widen them.

We aim high, no matter the starting digital position.

After achieving digital maturity, let’s pursue excellence together.

Do you have an idea? Let’s bring it to life together!

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