Pensarecasa is an Home furnishings retailer with over 10 years of experience, with a network of showrooms throughout the country.

We have renewed their Digital Identity, with a modern and full responsive website, an accurate and in-depth SEO strategy.
We have developed a project to make the user to enjoy the experience of the new Pensarecasa digital home format.

Services offered by HT&T
  • Website
  • Digital Advertising
  • SEO
  • Drive to store

The challenge

The aim is to challenge the giants of the furniture market, with an online project planned in detail. Standing up with an unique style and always make the user feel “at home”.
Making the digital experience not just a simple consultation but a completion of the offer that Pensarecasa has designed for its customers through inspirations, solutions, insights and dedicated promotions.
Thanks to a textual and visual storytelling path with a strong emotional impact, the user is invited not only to explore Pensarecasa solutions, but also to imagine the scenarios of use, the tactile sensation, the details, the finishes and the possible customizations.

Brand strategy

With Pensarecasa we experienced the most powerful synthesis of current web marketing strategies: digital advertising for campaigns of products promotions, besides a Content Marketing activity to increase organic traffic.

Product experience

A Look&
We realized a customized graphic layout, in order to push the user to understand and discover the furniture components.
A “Digital Home” created to maintain familiarity, the fundamental ingredient to make the dream of those who are planning a brand new home environment.

The approach of HT&T

A project shared in all its aspects with Pensarecasa, from the first graphic mockups to online deployment.
The importance of looking both towards the same direction, listening and shaping the Client’s idea, while maintaining the role of strategic partner.