We present here the online luxury shop of the florentine group GiulioTanini, leader in bathroom furniture and home-design.

TaniniHome was created to satisfy the desire of those who love interior design and furnishings and who are looking for pieces, accessories and compositions from the best designers around the world.

Tanini Home
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The challenge

The main goal with Tanini Home was to communicate the feeling of beauty, making the online users to experience the same sensations as those who touch the quality and luxury of the brands on sale.
It is surely the main challenge of the project. Inspire, excite and give emotions.

Brand strategy

The great attention to the product is intensified and highlighted by the attention to details in the shop: style and design choices that reflect the soul of this project.

Product experience

The product is at the center of the service, not only through detailed product description and high quality images, but thanks to the analysis and the search for the best customer satisfaction.
Emotions, sensations, user’s satisfaction are the key words.

Tanini Home - Website
Tanini Home
Tanini Home

The approach of HT&T

Every detail of this project was planned and thought in order to make unique user experience on website.

Navigation, inspiration and involvement paths that put the user in close connection with the items and the luxury style that inspires TaniniHome’s principles.

Tanini Home