Marina Militare

Marina Militare is an historical brand in the Italian fashion scenario. The brand is well spread across all territory with many shops and online.

Marina Militare Sportswear
Services offered by HT&T
  • DEM
  • Digital Advertising
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The challenge

The target is to reach new goals with the tools available at that time. Don’t change the work done up to that moment, and optimize to buld ad hoc solutions for every need.

Brand strategy

We create digital campaigns around the brand on Google Ads to increase the results, the visibility in order to grow further.
And we put the same type of effort into product campaigns.

Product experience

The aim is to differentiate and emerge, in order to create a distinct and recognizable space that is also close to the institutional world to recall the brand’s meaning.
We are immersed in a sea of several online research that not always have the right target.
Emerge from the mass represents the difficult task, especially when the goal is improving sales.

Marina Militare Sportwear
Marina Militare Sportwear

The approach of HT&T

Follow the Client’s needs suggesting new ways, giving the right support on the business choices with awareness and decision.
And because the goal is always a common element.
We set up Marketing strategies, DEM campaigns and digital adv as the basic ingredients of this strategic collaboration.

Marina Militare Sportwear