Farmaè is an online shop of cosmetics, parapharmacy products, electromedical, herbal medicine, homeopathic items and much more. Farmaè
is among the top players in sector in Italy.

The company is a brand of parapharmacies madi in Tuscany, born in the territory. Thanks to a great intuition and the willingness to launch the firm into digital world, the company moved online the the strenght and the method acquired in the physical sales points.

Farmaè - Health and Well-being
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The challenge

Selling, be a reference point, Be the answer to a raising demand. All this things have pushed Farmaè to enter into the eCommerce, with determination and willingness to get results..

Brand strategy

v Farmaè shows a large catalog, capable of giving satisfaction to all customer requests.
From parapharmacy to herbal medicine, to electro-medical devices and cosmetics, all these things combined with a fast, usable and simple user experience. It is like going to a real parapharmacy shop, just around the corner.

Product experience

A lot of possibilities to choose from.
Farmaè always reply to all customers’s requests, Providing important information and details for those who need to buy essential products for their lives. These, surely, are some of the aspects on which the company has focused its attention during the last few years of online activity.

Farmaè - Health and Well-being

The approach of HT&T

To face the parapharmacy market could be a challenge for everyone, and it was even more challenging doing so in 2013 when the project began in a still immature market for this sector. This has allowed Farmaè to innovate, differentiate and emerge.

Farmaè - Website