Ex.t is a project that combines two very specific models: a presentation site and its online shop, which is direct, clean and essential.

In the Ex.t project we made their design accessible to everyone, this led to this double scheme: presenting and selling. Everything is entirely dedicated brighten the product make the user experience unique. It has been a necessity, a goal, an obligation for us.

Services offered by HT&T
  • Brand Positioning
  • Digital Advertising
  • SEO
  • Website

The challenge

In a market with many solutions for home living, standing up is not easy, but it was one of the brand’s objectives. Stand up in the sector and be able also to do it online. Design is the keyword. Use, it is the way to apply of the product. Quality, is the third mantra of the brand.

Brand strategy

Addressing the market with innovative solutions both in furniture sector and in the digital world was the driver that led Ex.t to make defined choices. A linear, clean and minimal style that is also reflected online. A complete user-friendly experience. A wide variety studied in detail to leave no space for doubts or fantasy.

Product experience

Make the business to be emotional. Build things with love and make others love them too. It seems to be easy, but this is the goals that Ex.t set up to make detailed product specs, a specific product presentation and the willing to be loved by the customers.

Ex.t - Website
Ex.t - Website
Ex.t - Website

The approach of HT&T

Customized solutions, specific studies and tailored style proposals, these were the targets of the agency’s work to be met. The agency’s contribution merged with the style, the design and the essentiality of Ex.t and its brand.

Ex.t - Website