Eli Lilly Italia

The activity with Eli Lilly Italia consists mostly in doing knowledge and awareness campaigns in relation to HCP and patient oriented projects. Eli Lilly Italia is the Italian subsidiary of the international group Eli Lilly and Company.

Be there, inform and spread awareness. Three simple activities that were for Eli Lilly Italy the engine that pushed them to face the digital world with care, attention and great sense of responsibility.

Eli Lilly Italia
Services offered by HT&T
  • Digital Advertising
  • Social and Media Marketing

The challenge

Approaching the digital world from the pharmaceutical sector it is surely a great challenge. Eli Lilly Italia made this concept even wider, by addressing different therapeutic areas, projects and topics. All of this without leaving anyone behind, neither the doctor nor the patient.

Brand strategy

The goal of every Pay-per-click, Twitter, Youtube or Linkedin campaign has always been one: to inform the audience. Information means to spread, make aware, educate. The target is the Doctor who may not know specific Ely Lilly activities. And the Patient, who needs valid inputs to get better.

Product experience

Each project has different needs, each activity has it target and there are different ways to reach it.
There are different areas involved (Andrology, Diabetes, Dermatology, Rheumatology), and many tools exploited in our activites .

The approach of HT&T

Understanding the Client’s needs and realize ad hoc solutions every time, for the requirements of each project. We adapt goals to the situations in response to vertical’s peculiarities, to deliver the best possible response to our Clients.