Search Engine Optimization – SEO

Search Engine Optimization. The method that allows you to be found by typing search keywords relevant to the content you want.
It is clear that a brand cannot simply work because it has a best in class website. The website requires to be found, and should be found in the right way by the correct people. What does it mean? It means that it is fundamental to choose the best technical solutions to improve the indexing (which is the positioning in search engines), in support of the work made by the  SEO specialists.

Search Engine Optimization means providing the right answers the users who search for the content of your website (without knowing it!). A good positioning in search engines is the key element  for a successful brand.

The goal of HT&T Consulting is to make its managed Clients at the top of every search engine, this is obtained through careful analysis and hard work, which is aimed at identifying relevant keywords that are necessary for the SEO development.

We present a typical SEO proposal scheme that we normally offer to our Clients as a project startup approach:

SEO ACTIVITY (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO (Search engine optimization) activities are initially split into 3 macro areas:

Level 1 – SEO SETUP (Startup SEO)

  • Setting of the technical layout so that the product data sheets and all the intermediate pages will have suitable contents to catch up sipder’s sensitivity and search;
  • Verification of the code accuracy that is released by the CMS in use, this is in relation to the formal requirements and in order to transmit the content in line with the pages towards the search engines;
  • Production of useful tools for analysis reasons (sitemap, Google Webmaster Tools configuration and other tools);
  • Placement of sitemap and appropriate verification of the activity towards the search engines (active data flow).

Level 2 – INTERNAL SEO (insite or onsite SEO)

  • statistical analysis using professional tools to verify the starting point;
  • specific keyword’s monitoring (short tail and long tail applied from the copy, used by competitors, to be taken for copywriting (also persuasive), which is the main features of mentioned project;
  • Activation of A / B tests to improve the conversion rate on the website based on the consultation and the website target of use that will be set up (in rare cases multivariate tests are also used, but is still an uncommon practice for SEO testing);
  • Creation of a specific analysis model for the results, operational changes with the aim of better conversion results and verification that the defined KPIs are working properly;
  • Activation of specific strategies, including the evergreen “increasing the content density in specific pages”;
  • Maintaining the accuracy of the implemented code (also with respect to the W3C standards) and also based on the evolution of specifications produced over time to increase the performance.

Level 3 – EXTERNAL SEO (external SEO)

  • Network link creation;
  • Possible acquisition of strategic domains and ad hoc page development (landing page for SEO purposes applied on secondary domains);
  • Backlink activity on websites with relevant pagerank for a specific sector;
  • Creation of web-presence both on blogs and upon other websites connected to the reference business sector, as well as on social platforms;
  • Monitoring and statistical analysis using professional tools for the objective of identifying the user behavior model, with respect to the content searched, found and utilized.

Usually for SEO services, we provide our Customers with a bimonthly report linked to both search and position queries, along with user behavior on the website. This is with respect to results on google (both and or with domain extension of the country where the SEO activity is done) and to any other search engines (Bing, Yahoo, Ask, up to the Live search engines of the Social systems).

And finally as our mentor says: “Google is not a charity organization, therefore (in addition to well-established arguments available in the doctrine) a little advertising (SEM) on Google Adwords, always HELPS any indexing” – Cit. Baldomax