Mobile Solutions

Mobile Solutions. Applications for mobile terminals, smartphones and tablets.

Mobile Solutions means mobile versions and apps, but not only. These words in fact represent the present and the future of web navigation, but at the same time they open up a world of opportunities related to the usability of content specifically on those devices, such as the possibility to create and manage specific advertisements and so on.

Smartphones and tablets allow us to navigate wherever we are. And we (and our Customers …) must be reachable all the time.

We therefore consider essential to study a mobile and responsive (esponsive design) version of the websites and, where necessary, to develop iOS and Android apps. For a company, the presence in the various Mobile Stores (Apple Store, Google Play as well as Windowsphone) is much beneficial: the visibility, the increase in brand value, the vision of future, the media coverage, the brand in the Customer’s smartphone, the ease of sharing its content with those of mobile users, the ability to differentiate itself from the competitors, the growth of the mobile market, the technologically advanced solutions.

HT&T Consulting considers all this factors necessary for a good digital commerce, because it is essential for a number of other visibility and positioning activities that are carried out in order to attract, involve and make the user to be interactive. And to be, above all searchable.

Some of the projects included in our Case Histories, include Apps, both for Apple Iphone and for Android devices. Find out more Find out more.