Google Apps for Work

Google Apps for Work – Google services for businesses (Mail, Calendar, Storage and much, much more)

HT&T is the best partner for moving to Google Apps for Work, the most effective tool to improve daily work management, which has already been adopted by 5 million of companies worldwide.

Google Apps for Work:

Simplify the way of working

Eliminates IT problems

Redices costs

We are Google Apps Reseller, we have the know-how to help companies to migrate to Google Apps for Work quickly and safely.



We are available to all the companies that want to switch to Google Apps for Work, offering the following services:
  • Qualified and certified Google Apps Certified Deployment Specialist
  • Dedicated services to activate, configure and better manage the Google Apps for Work company account and the Google Apps mail archive
  • Support and assistance during all phases of the project deployment
  • Personalized service integrated with the IT resources already existing in the company
  • Specific training of the company IT team
  • HT&T offers a complete Google Apps support service.

To learn more about Google services for companies and specifically about Google Apps for Work.

To know abut the real-time status of Google services for companies (and Gmail mail services), you can access to Google Apps Status monitor for free and without any prior registration

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