Conversion Improvement

Because web conversions are not only important, they are everything.

What are Conversions and what does the conversion rate mean?
The conversion rate is the ratio between the number of visitors who access a page (or website) and how many of them perform a certain action, called conversion.

The conversion can be represented by the purchase of an item, the subscription to a newsletter, the compilation of a webform, a request for information or simply the effectuation of a certain action on a page or on a site.

In the meantime, let’s find out how the Conversion Rate is calculated.

Let’s say that 1000 people access your website every month. Of these people 10 buy a product (perform an action).
To calculate the conversion rate of your website you have to divide the actions (transactions) by the (unique) visits and multiply by 100.

So: (10/1000) * 100 = 1% is the Conversion rate of our example.

Because conversions are mot important, they are all for the web …

The values ​​for which it can be demonstrated that a website (especially ecommerce) works correctly are sometimes subjective, however from our experience and the doctrine on this topic, in Italy and Europe in general, having an ecommerce demonstratethat converts above 1% is an excellent result.

And if this conversion rate remains stable with the increase in visits and visitors to the website, this means that the purchase processes or any other measured action, are identified with a good conversion optimization process.

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The increase of conversions, can be obviously reached raising the number of visitors on the website, but the conversion rate being a division quotient, it will stay as evaluation factor to understand the state of the art o fa web projject.

In fact, along with other objective factors, such as visits , the average length of navigation time on the page , the quantity of pages visited , and many other data it is possible to read the user behavior and imagine alternative solutions for the other paths that she/he might follow so that the website management will reach the planned goals.

In this scenario the analysis is the fundamental step for the maximization of conversions . The funnels to the target are the necessary information to improve the user experience.
This can be done with A / B testing and multivariate tests , we will then identify the paths that better convert the website visits..

HT&T Consulting improves the user experience to increase interaction and possible conversions, which is the predicted goal of the agency and its Clients.

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