Cloud Services e Cloud Computing

Cloud Services and Cloud Solutions. Because the cloud does not always bring rainfall …

The English term cloud computing (in Italian “nuvola informatica”) refers to a set of technologies that allow (typically in the form of a service offered by a provider to the customer) to store / archive / process data via CPU or software.
This is achievable thanks to the use of distributed or virtualized hardware / software resources on the Net, in a typical client-server architecture.

The accuracy in the use of the term is debated by many experts: Surely these technologies are seen by some analysts as a further technological evolution offered external suppliers. Others, such as Richard Stallman , are consider it as being a marketing trap.

Ht&t designs cloud computing services realized for the sustainability of web projects.

Scalability , redundancy and continuity are the main reasons to choose an infrastructure based on Cloud Computing.

The suppliers are chosen according to the level of criticality and goals, always taking into account management and maintenance of resources to obtain the best cloud services and solutions. Amazon AWS , RackSpace up to mixed solutions, as well as provided from national players.

Soluzioni cloud
For HT&T Consulting cloud computing or cloud services have never been considered empty words, but solutions for specific needs to help sustainable projects.