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Analytics – WebAnalysis. How do I improve my website if I don’t know the user’s behaviour on it?

Analyzing the web with strategic vision (using web analytics tools) along with the data obtained through each user action is a fundamental achievement in order to understand the trend of an existing project .
It is critical to know the state of art of a case, and which internal or external events generate specific user’s behaviour.
We establish the relevant web metrics for the Client’s brand and the succsessful activities, analyzing the return on investment (ROI) and the results obtained with the campaigns.
We track every action and user behavior, in order to canalise the activity along a path that maximizes the results .
We then provide a tool to our Clients, with periodic reports aimed at making our partners to understand where the starting point and the conclusions of our plan.
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Consulting services related to the Google Analytics platform

The specific services offered by Ht&t Consulting through the use of the Google Analytics platform they can be outlined as follows:

  • Planning of web measurements

  • Implementation basic, advanced and customized

  • Website implementation on mobile and on application

  • Technical assistance especially dedicated to Client’s counterpart training on data reading and interpretation

  • Consulting and analysis of online media

  • Website and landing pages tests

  • Development of custom dashboards and tailored reports

Our team got the award and recognition, among others Google Analytics Certified Partner (GACP) for first level consultancy on web analytics and generally on all Google Analytics tools.
Our professionals are individually certified to the program Google Analytics (GAIQ) in addition to the status of Google Partner – Adwords for the advertisement services. Per saperne di più sul programma di certificazione Google Adwords.

The Analytics or web analysis of the data is functional to the increase of conversions on a website

We also use alternative and complementary software for analysis and reporting on projects or single initiatives.
This is done by using different tools that generate “Heat Map” (Heat Maps), “Eye Tracking Analysis” (tracking of eye moving) and other devices provided by third party companies.
The web data analysis takes place both on native samples and pre-analyzed user profiles, in order to select the traffic based on tangible (metric) or subjective (size) criteria.

HT&T - Analytics – WebAnalysis