Affiliation programmes

Affiliation programs. Referral program, Partner program.

We make your business selling, we analyze and examine the market context and we identify the right platform for the strategic positioning and improve your brand’s online sales.

Joining an affiliate programs allow, in some cases, to generate a lot of visibility at relatively low costs for your firm, giving to your content, your product, your services and the brand to a multitude of publishers or site managers who display the offer (graphics or text) on your site.

The Affiliazione Programs on the Web, also called “Revenue Sharing”, “Referral Program” e “Partner Program”, are effective Web Marketing tools for:

  • Create a network sale
  • Increase traffic towards the website
  • Generate contacts (Lead Generation)
  • Indirectly to increase sales

Many of the most popular commercial websites on the web have various Affiliate Programs.

The Affiliate Marketing can be explained with a commercial agreement among three entities.

The first entity is the Merchant or advertiser who promotes an affiliate program to recruit publishers or affiliates who want to promote their online business . The second party is the Publisher or affiliate who participates in the program by registering its website, portal or in any case a web property by entering the javascript code that will host the advertisements. The Publisher through SEO or SEM promotion activities will acquire traffic on its web activity by promoting the Merchant insertion together with its content.

The third entity is the affiliation platform, i.e. the party that makes available the knowledge and technology to manage the payments, the exchange of advertising material and, where necessary resolves the disputes between the various publishers.

An efficient affiliate program is made of an incentive payout with restrictive but protective policies, of the best performing publishers and of captivating creative formats.

The types of payment adopted by the Affiliate Programs is in line with the specific features of the promotional channel platform, often exclusively on a performance structure (such as pay-per-click) and require a tracking system to protect the promotional activity done by the Publishers. The tracking is done with javascript codes that generate the payment types such as post click and post impression, or the attribution of the compensation for the purchase made some days after the click previously done and the impressions found. This practice has been refined over the years and today seems to be the most popular among the publishers.




The difference between Affiliate Marketing and the “classic” Marketing on Internet is that you receive a compensation only after an action taken on the affiliate’s website. In fact, we are talking about CPA: Cost for Action or Acquisition and CPO – Cost per Order, to evaluate the performance of the affiliate programs’s activities.

There are several platforms exclusively dedicated to “Affiliate Programs” that are capable of managing all operations connected with the activity (both vertical and mobile). Those include Tradedouble and Zanox, the main providers that supplies services for the Affiliate sector in Italy.

Does it seem complicated to you? In truth this is not, and is very simple. You, Merchant, “rely” on a Publisher within an affiliate platform to promote your business, a product, a brand. You are not getting results? Costs will be very low or close to zero. Have you received a lot of traffic on the website, are you satisfied and your sales have increased thanks to the affiliate program? Then you will pay only for the results you obtained. Easy, isn’t it ?!

HT&T Consulting relies on some of the most structured portals in Italy and abroad for the creation of online affiliation campaigns and the brand positioning, but also for the positioning of products and services of its customers.