GACP – Google Analytics Certified Partner

HT&T Consulting is a “Google Analytics Certified Partner”

HTT Consulting is a Google Analytics™ Certified Partner (GACP) agency with a team oriented to develop business online, through many specialized employee, and also with two Google Analytics Individual qualified consultants. Our aim is to support you to understand which KPI are really attractive for your business, to create a Measurement Plan, to install advanced tracking, and to analyze every submissions with reporting.molto più di un badge - GACP

Google Analytics is a free to use software package but for your business to grow successfully online it’s usually required to setup advanced features such as e-commerce tracking, goal tracking or even cross domain tracking. It’ s also available a Premium Solution.

Our Google Analytics experts can assist you in:

▪ Measurement Plan – Digital analytics means using data to drive change. But the data needs to be relevant to your business. To get the most benefit from analytics, you need to tailor the implementation to your needs. Building a solid analytics infrastructure it’s recommended. Valid data is the foundation for making smart decisions. To manage and implement infrastructure for this data may require some time and effort, people, processes and technology. Larger is your business, more important this should be.

▪ Google Analytics setup – To setup a new Google Analytics installation, our consultants will create a new Google Analytics account and will pass the tracking code to website developers for deployment on your website. We will also ensure that your Google Analytics account has multiple profiles, to avoid any future loss of data.

▪ Cross Domain Tracking – if your company website is split into several sub domains or separate websites it will be required cross domain tracking for Google Analytics to record user interactions correctly. Our Google Analytics experts will analyze your website, will identify the crossover points and provide the required advanced tracking code to the developers for implementation.

▪ E-commerce Tracking – by default, most of HT&T’s e-commerce websites are developed with Google Analytics installed. However, we can provide installation guidelines and support for custom Google Analytics e-commerce setups.

▪ Advanced Tracking – to gain full insights into user interactions, HT&T strongly recommends to setup advanced Google Analytics tracking, so that interactions such as form completions, file downloads or phone calls made from the website will be tracked. HT&T uses the following advanced Google Analytics tracking methods:
– Goal Tracking – ideal for form completion tracking and website usage metrics
– Virtual Page Views (used in line with Goal Tracking)
– Event Tracking – ideal for tracking video views and file downloads

▪ Report Creation and Scheduling – if you are unsure about how to use Google Analytics and find yourself lost inside the platform, our Google Analytics consultants can create reports that provide the data you need and setup a schedule so that they are sent to you automatically.

If you would like to discuss your Google Analytics requirements further, please feel free to contact us.

Platforms we setup Google Analytics (Universal, Standard, or by Google Tag Manager – GTM): 

▪ Google Analytics in WordPress

▪ Google Analytics in Magento

▪ Google Analytics in Drupal

and even on Google Analytics in Joomla

And also, obviously, on Custom solutions (php/asp/python/ruby on rails ad so on)


Service overview:

Business Consulting
Online Business Goals & Project Scoping, Data Deployment & Usage Planning, Admin & Governance,  Vendor Selection

Solution Design
Robust Web Measurement Planning, Data Collection/Integration Systems Design, Media Measurement Standardization

Code Installations & Audits, Code Updates, Advanced Tracking Feature Installations

Media & Multi-Channel Analysis, Website Navigation or Usability Analysis, Customer Insights, Product & Ecommerce Analysis, Change Impact Estimates

Media Optimization Plan, Website Optimization Testing Suggestions, Process Optimization Plan, General Business Optimization Recommendations, Attribution Model Optimization

Custom Development
Custom Code Implementations, Integrations with other Tools or Data Sets, API Development

Issue Resolution
Ongoing Tech Support Retainers, Implementation or Account-Setup Optimization

In-Person Trainings, Webinars, One-on-One or Group Trainings, Conferences & Seminars


If you would like to discuss your Google Analytics requirements further, please feel free to contact us.